About Center for Public Health Innovation


Center for Public Health Innovation or CPHI is a research center under the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University Bali. The main activities undertaken by CPHI are conducting research, consultation, community services, training, workshops, and short courses. The CPHI placed academic rigor and commitment to socially thinking and practice seriously in every aspect of the research. We also ensure ethical consideration during the research process.


Inclusivity and diversity have become a strong value on the CPHI research project. The CPHI’s consultants have diverse in research and consultancy experience, education background, social and cultural background. The CPHI’ research consultant represents expertise in public health, epidemiologist as well as rich in social and participatory research. Furthermore, they also have wide professional background include project planning, engineering, action research, policy analysis, and public health. In addition, our consultants have a various social and cultural background which belief to be a strong modality in conducting our research.

The CPHI’s open to new ideas, particularly innovation in health research and intervention including the changes in social and cultural of a community which is believed to have influences in the public health issues. Therefore, the CPHI is open to innovative methods in data collection, used more social approach, mix, multi and participatory methods.

The CPHI has value gender equality in conducting research projects. Currently, there are 7 full research staff in CPHI and 11 associate researchers, of these there are 11 are female who is staffs, associate researcher and vice head.  The CPHI is also considered the balance between gender in performing the research assignment. Every research project has considered a representation of women researchers.