Assessment Research Project in Bondowoso


Assessment Research Project in Bondowoso

Bondowoso being one of the 5 targeted areas as the location of our study relates to 10 steps towards successful breastfeeding. Based on the data in Health District Office confirm that Bondowoso is the third highest stunting incidence in East Java.

In its implementation, the 10 steps to success in breastfeeding are not only the responsibility of one department but are cross-sectoral responsibilities involving the Health Office, Mother, and Child Empowerment Service, Community Communication and Information and many more considering each stakeholder has their respective roles in order to contribute to efforts in reducing maternal and infant mortality.

Our researcher meeting up with the management parties of RS. H. Koesnadi Bondowoso.

In this district itself, the components of the 10 steps have been applied towards the success of breastfeeding, but the term 10 steps towards the success of breastfeeding have only been heard so that in the future there should be more information and education about the program. The commitment of health workers is quite high in the implementation of programs in the field, but the obstacle is the difficulty in forming breastfeeding escort groups because they are related to funds and human resources. According to one of the respondents, the breastfeeding companion group has an important role considering the influence of in-laws and also the myths that exist in the community, high prestige by using formula milk, many of which are still alternating without the knowledge of the Midwife. So that education for the community must be more aggressive in promoting the components of the 10 steps to success in breastfeeding in order to reach a healthy generation.

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