The Achievement of Breastfeeding Program in Probolinggo


The Achievement of Breastfeeding Program in Probolinggo

As a district with the highest maternal and child mortality rates in East Java, Probolinggo is one of the target areas of the assessment program of 10 steps towards successful breastfeeding. The Probolinggo District Health Office is very open with the multisector collaboration to reduce maternal and child mortality, especially the achievement of Exclusive Breastfeeding Program.

The rate of early marriage that is still high in Probolinggo is a challenge itself in supporting the program coupled with some beliefs or myths that make people’s perceptions of exclusive breastfeeding unsuccessful in the past few years.

Educating our people is the key, said by the Chief of the District Health Office of Probolinggo.

Probolinggo’s efforts that deserve to be appreciated since they massively campaigned for the importance of giving exclusive breastfeeding fully for 2 years and this was reflected in the role of the Chief of Probolinggo district (Bupati) as Duta ASI as well as a role model by breastfeeding her children.

Various efforts were made by various parties such as community education, in collaboration with some sectors and also providing training to health workers such as village midwives and motivators/assistants for ASI (Breastfeeding).

In the future, the Probolinggo Health Office has signed a partnership with several organizations that support maternal and child nutrition improvement programs such as provided micronutrient and campaigning to maintain the nutrition started from early phases which are for teenagers. The programs planned in the future are expected to not only improve compliance and improve community knowledge but also involve them directly.

However, in the implementation of health officials and related agencies to face various challenges in the field, they hope the community can participate and fully support the success of the 10-step program towards successful breastfeeding in Probolinggo District.


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